Q’barre is a nation in the Shadow Marches. It is mainly inhabited by settlers from Metriol. It was founded in 214YK during the Last War. It is a kingdom, as befits the traditions of its people. Its current monarch, King Oarnast I ir’Wynarn, was also its founder. Oarnast is getting quite old, but has not yet appointed an heir.

Shortly after they founded, Daiso declared the settlement to be illegal and attempted to invade, but was bogged down by difficult terrain and hostile Omenai tribes.

Q’barra has an abundance of Eberron Dragonshards that can be found in the shallow water of the swamps that make up most of the Kingdom. The Empire of Riedra maintains a significant military presence in the Kingdom, to help secure its borders from attacks by local tribes and to ensure the safety of the increasing dragonshard shipments that it has been purchasing.

Diplomacy with Q’barra typically involves several spirited rounds of table tennis.


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