The Lhazaar are a group of pirates from the Lhazaar Principalities.

Lhazaar are made up mostly of unaffiliated ‘mercenary’-ish types, who fluctuate and join different pirate princes at will (which mainly determines the power level of the various groups).


Those of rank captain (and above) are effectively Lhazaar gods – their word is law and you don’t question or challenge them. Below that, it’s a no-holds-barred meritocracy based mainly on combat prowess. Cutlass duels for rank are common, leading to lots of scarring among the crew. However, even then, killing is not on the table – “if you can’t show enough finesse/restraint to only injure and not kill, you don’t deserve a higher rank”, so you would get demoted instead.


Affiliated Lhazaar are dictated by small insignia on their hats, rather than any sort of uniform that could identify them from further away (ie. making them a target). Their insignia corresponds to their rank.

Insignia are highly historical and relevant to Lhazaar culture – they are passed on from person to person when one dies or is stripped of their role. Taking an insignia away with you is incredibly scandalous.

There are only three ways an insignia is ever removed from one’s hat:
1. If they are disgraced and kicked out of the clan, in which case the insignia is roughly ripped off.
2. If they die, and the insignia is to be passed on to the person being promoted.
3. If the person chooses to reject the clan, at which point they must leave and are never, ever welcomed back. Even then, it is expected that they return their insignia (but may keep the blank hat).

If a lost insignia is returned to its clan, the person who returned it can claim the previous owner’s rank. However, they can then immediately be challenged to duels for it as per normal. In this case, there’s a bit of a paradox: you aren’t supposed to draw swords on a Captain, even for a duel, but you also don’t expect outsiders to the clan become Captain (it’s unprecedented for a captain to not only leave, but take their insignia with them).


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