Kenshin is a minor noble who used his charm and connections to the nobility in Sharin to get jobs for the firm. Kenshin was a founding member of the the firm in 235 YK, acting as the face of the firm. Upon his return, he resumed this role and was instrumental in increasing the workload of the group. Kenshin has numerous relations with many high-ranked persons, both male and female. He does not seem to be a deep person, mainly interested in attending social events and hobnobbing with the well-off, only joining missions when they require access to the higher levels of the city.

After leaving Sharin, Kenshin has often left the party to socialize, at Mr. Blank’s request, within the circles of nobility. Kenshin has only made brief occurances since the fall of Sharin,


Kenshin ir’Kobayashi is the third son of a small noble family that holds a small estate near Yukinawa. Kenshin left his family for Sharin to try and marry well. He was a founding member of Blank and Associates, primarily to make ends meet. After two years with the firm he left, in 237 YK for Yukinawa, at his family’s insistence. Kenshin does not discuss his time in Yukinawa, as he had a sordid affair that ended badly. Kenshin returned to Sharin in 244 YK, and rejoined Blank and Associates.


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