Evelyn Caldamus

Magical Sociopath, Cousin of Dover Caldamus


Evelyn is an Aundairian wizard known for being equal parts effective and brutal. Though some have referred to her as sociopathic, she prefers to think of herself as unencumbered by the constraints of social niceties.

An Evoker by training, Evelyn was always more comfortable in combat than at tea, though her definition of combat involves enemies that are both flammable and at ranges in excess of 500ft. Wherever she happens to be though, you can bet that you will find Sparks by her side.


Evelyn spent her early childhood in the Cragwood with Dover Caldamus, but moved to the Arcane Congress at a young age along with Dover’s sister Levina. She was a star pupil in evocation classes, and many of the faculty had high hopes for her as a War Wizard. Despite her academic progress, she left the college in a hurry shortly after finishing her undergraduate studies. It is unknown why she left, but the fact that she ended up working for Blank and Associates would imply that she didn’t do it on the best of terms.

Along her adventures she managed to attain a professorship at Morgrave University, teaching evocation. During Blank and Associates’ mass exodus of Sharin after The Felling of Houses, she managed to convince a group of her students to follow her. Outwardly she always claimed that her goals were purely the safety of the students and the furtherance of education, but many people suspect that she was really just in it for the circle casting. Kejin would later join her efforts, and the group would be formalized into The K’jin-Evelyn School of Wizardry.

Evelyn and her students went missing following an unprovoked Lightning Rail Attack on September 3rd, 248YK. Blank and Associates had believed her to be dead for several months, however she was actually operating with The Redeemed due to unforeseen detours leaving the combat zone. Along with the students of the newly rebranded Evelyn’s School of Battle Magic, she helped lead the The Redeemed, and later the armies of Tiji Tomoki and Iti ir’Iwate to a great victory through the use of questionably moral explosive siege weapons.

Evelyn Caldamus

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