Dover Caldamus

Axe-throwing front man with boorish mannerisms


Pictured here prior to all that poison fuckery.

Dover Caldamus is a Khorvairen/Omenai Ranger/Barbarian hailing from Aundair. His stature is somewhat imposing, his clothing tattered and practical, and his movements indelicate. He has a growly voice and a violent, distractible personality. More recently, his appearance has been altered by herbs, which he ingested to treat a deadly poison.

Unlike the image to the right, Dover’s hair is now white, he has slimmed somewhat, his eyes are a bright blue, and he styles himself differently. He also goes by Almos with varying frequency.

Dover is simple-minded, belligerent, and prefers uncomplicated solutions to problems. When he’s with the firm, he prefers to have his directions clear: others point, Dover throws the axes.

He has been known to have peculiar moments insight and competence, but aside from this he as known as an effective meat shield that should be kept out of serious discussions.


Contains all info known to the whole party:

Dover grew up on his family’s land, Caldam Hollow, with sister Levina and cousin Evelyn. He was raised by his uncle Herschem and Aunt Hjeltia (and a whole lot of other distant relatives keeping the land). Dover spent his young days well-worked, but not fighting. His family traded furs and logged sparingly, and he quickly became strong as a boy, but he also had a weak stomach and was prone to fainting. Both Levina and Evelyn, on the other hand, spent their days being tutored and groomed (at least as Dover saw it) because of their affinity for magic.

His young adulthood passed without major incident, though Dover was by no means a well-behaved young man.

As Levina and Erben grew older, and as the political climate between Theren and Aundair shifted, Herschem felt a growing desire to relocate the family to Aundair, where they could be more connected to Thalinostu culture and get an ideal education for both the promising children. When Dover was 22, his uncle Herschem sold the family estate and allowed logging throughout the Cragwood by Theren logging companies. Though this was a sound decision for the family, Dover felt nothing tying him to Aundair, and still resents Herschem for this. Feeling little lingering connection to his family, Dover set off southward for greener pastures.

As he travelled south into Daiso, Dover met Iresha Ir’Tain, a young noblewoman with a somewhat untamed nature. Though the specifics have not fully come to light, it seems they had a sordid relationship. It seems as though Dover was ungallant with Iresha in some way, leaving her scarred and unfit for family affairs for some years.
After this affair, Dover fled Sharin to seek his fortunes in Xen’drik, accomanied by Nayar, who he had befriended on his journey southward.

Nayar and Dover endured several expeditions together, and returned with little to show for it, though they had survived. Their very last expedition, which also had Xe’rol in the team, saw very few survivors. It seems as though Xen’drik was a difficult time for Dover, as he never discusses it. If brought up, he simply states that he does not wish to return there.

Shortly after his last expedition (which ended three years before the start of the campaign), Dover returned to Sharin, where he found himself to be in trouble with the law. Presumably, Mr. Blank removed Dover from these dire straits and allowed him to join the ranks.

Dover Caldamus

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